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Our Story

Byotat is a leading company in the field of real estate marketing projects marketing and marketing consultancy.
Byotat has been founded as a joint venture by a group of skilled worker in this field to provide a collection of real estate services in new vision and in different ideas based on our belief in the importance of having specialized companies in the Egyptian market take upon themselves the task itself and then work to develop and to add it. And we have decided to be one of those.

CEO Message

Quality and Excellence ..

Are the standards we set as priority from the very first moment, when we have decided to invest in the real estate services.

This field kept prosperity during the last few years in a dramatically increasing way, to become the most desired field for investment in Egypt.

And not only this field turned to be top rated among many other fields, but it actually became an aspiration to many people who work in other fields.

The growth of this real estate field impacted many people leading to a fierce competition resulting in the development of the real estate service to the highest level. On the other hand made a lot of inexperienced amateurs to enter this field and turn into chaotic field, offending this huge industry and the people working in it.

This whole perspective was so clear to us from the beginning, so we considered it as our own main responsibility to promote our services without giving up our main concepts and principles the ultimate excellence and quality standards with what we provide of experience, ability. Professionals and nothing less than this could have satisfied us.

Finally, we are aiming to enforce our standards all over the market, making sure the experienced, thoughtful minds follow our lead towards our main purpose which is limitlessly and continually serving our clients.